Welcome to Atameo! We are excited that you have decided to join Atameo’s community of globetrotters, explorers and adventurers. You can use Atameo to remeber your trips, share them with loved ones and discover hidden gems in the community. This guide will help you get started so you can fully engage in the Atameo experience on the web. Looking for mobile guidance? You can find that guide here.

Web Guide:

  • Register - Go to atameo.com and click "Get Started" in the top right corner. Fill out your full name, email, password and invite code (Dont have one? Drop us a line at hello@atameo.com!)and click "Submit" - You will receive an email that asks you to verify your account. Just click that link and it will take you to you brand new travel profile!
  • Set up your profile - Click on your name in the top right corner and choose "Settings". Here you can change and complete your profile: Names, gender, birthday, email, hometown and a short bio that lets the community know a bit about yourself. If you hover over the default profile picture, you can click on the orange cloud button to upload a photo of you. In the next step you can crop your photo before confirming by clicking "Yep, that's me". Next, click "Save" to save all your changes. Done.
  • Create your first trip - Click on "New Trip" in the top right corner and enter the title of your new trip. If you want to add more details, click "Advanced". Here you can add a description, start- and end dates, a trip type and privacy settings. Then click "Next" to enter the first location that you visited and a description of that place (optional). Clicking "Next" takes you to your new trip! Well done and have fun!
  • Add stuff to your trip - When you are in your trip, click on the circular pen button in the top right corner to add items to your trip or change your trip's settings. To add photos for example, click "Add Photos" and either drag and drop your phtos into the dashed box or click the box to select files. Click save to initiate the upload - Depending the size and quantity of your photos, this may take a while :) !

If you have any more question drop us a line at:


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